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After reading chapter 4, I never took it into consideration that the process of divorce affects individuals and families, and how it needs to be considered through context as well, including social, historical, cultural, and legal circumstances (pg. 49). I found it fascinating that there are generally two types of definitions of family—objective and subjective. I had no idea that there were even definitions that talked about two types of families. Objective approach, according to the U.S. Census Bureau (2008) says that this type of family is “a group of two or more persons related by birth, marriage, or adoption and residing together in a household. Subjective approach is based on how people themselves view who is in and who is not in their…show more content…
I know a lot of religions who do not like when people who are in the congregation who are divorce and have a role in the church. Many of them want them to be married, and not divorce because it looks better on the church. However, “the Roman Catholic Church forbid divorce, and Church of England and other Protestants denominations allowed it in rare cases (pg.2). I really liked how it talked about Sigmund Freud because he says that divorce was the result of conflict that was inherent in the passion of close relationships in any family. After reading that, I had no idea that divorce could be inherent, especially when you see a close family member go through a divorce. I can definitely see how it could put a different perspective on you after watching some close to you go through a divorce and then you having problems in your marriage. I never realized how much a divorce can take a toll on your life, especially if you see it at a young age and experience it first-hand. It was also neat to read about the Women’s movement and how they encouraged other women to be more assertive and independent at home and at work, where they demanded equality and power. By this movement, it gave women the power to depend less on men for status and income, and get out of an unsatisfying marriage (pg. 10). It was very powering to read that about women and how they were

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