How Does Smartphones Improve Learning Ability

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Smartphones Help Increase our Learning Ability At first, phones were simple, its purpose is just for communication. But now it is possible to play, surf the net, watch videos, download applications and many more with it. With almost everything we need packed in a small device, it has become a vital part of our lives. With the amount of time that is spent on these phones, people question on how it can actually help us. In this essay I will prove that the times spent on a smartphone is not wasted and that it helps increase our learning ability. There are many ways on how a smartphone can be a learning tool. With a gadget like this we can look up for tutorial videos regarding our concerns. Informations can also be stored and retrieved immediately.…show more content…
For example, if we are lost, we can easily access google map and ask for directions or if there is something that you need to study but you cannot bring books as long as you have an access to the internet it will be possible for you to learn while on the go. With these smartphones it has become easier for us to gather data without having to move even an inch. Too much information can cause our brain to malfunction because unlike these gadgets our brains can’t absorb too much information continuously. Also our critical thinking skills decline because we just absorb and absorb information. We stopped thinking about things Yes, we cannot absorb every information all at once and that’s where smartphones steps in again. With the help of smartphone, we will be able to process these information one by one. While we’re taking time to absorb some information the memory of the smartphone can save some of those that we want to add to it enabling us to view it once again and process it. When people say that smartphones decline critical thinking we must also know that it improves our visual skills. In order to improve in more than are there are certain measurements that must be

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