Seattle Children's Hospital Case Study

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Seattle Children’s Hospital is the pediatric and young recommendation center for Idaho, Alaska, Montana, and Washington. Started in 1907, they established new medication through pediatric study and transported high-ranking patient care. The Seattle Children’s hospital is correspondingly the core schooling, health, and study site for the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Washington School of Medicine. An influential operation unifies Seattle Children’s Hospital to convey confidence, attention, and treatments to assist every child to live the strongest and most fulfilling life imaginable. Also, they develop new findings and medication over the pediatric study and support the pediatric and young academic medical center for, Idaho Alaska,…show more content…
In addition, Seattle Children’s Hospital mission is to deliver courage, care, and treatments to help all children to live in good physical shape and the most fulfilling life possible. Seattle Children’s mission is that they believe that all children have “unique needs and should grow up without sickness or injury”. With the provision of the community and over examination, we will stop, treat, and remove pediatric…show more content…
Since its founding in 1907, the hospital has cut itself a meaning in the distribution of effective treatment for children. This has made it one of the respective healthcare organizations not only in the state where it is positioned but also all over the country. The status the hospital has to the community will make it appeal the best experts in the healthcare business. The hospital has a past of successful treatment of children, and consequently, it will incessantly stand out as the first exceptional choice for parents, when their children fall ill. Incessant research is also an asset that promises the hospital always has something innovative to suggest to its customers. Similarly, the training of openness, commitment, and responsibility will raise the confidence of the patients as well as the community which arranges an essential part of the operation of the strategic plan. Since the hospital is also a research center, the patients will be more than willing to contribute to the research, and this will decrease the necessity for hospital management to obtain research materials from elsewhere. It will test its own patient as research example as patients have confidence in the professionalism at the hospital. The idea of the hospital is to include the community in the progress of effective and safe treatment for children. As

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