A Whole New Mind Theme

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In the book, “A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future” by Daniel H. Pink, we can see many different themes. Power is a major theme in this book because it explains us who will have the power in the future if we continue to think that the function of the right-brain is not has important then the left one. At the end of the day everybody wants to be successful and have the power so everybody is looking for it and nobody wants to lose it, people should be willing to exchange anything for it. Security and survival are also another major theme in this book because Daniel H. Pink is explaining that we need to start using more our right-brain because of the automation new technology are proving that they can replace the left brains.…show more content…
In the book “A Whole New Mind”, the author is really telling us the people that will have the power will be the people that are more right-brainer users than the left one. The book “Organizational behavior” discuss the fact that power is not a personal feeling. We might feel powerful or think that we have the power over others, but this is not power unless others believe we have that capacity. So in other word, we can have all the right accept that Daniel. H Pink thinks we need but according to the textbook if other people don’t believe that you have the capacity you don’t have nothing. For example, some people thinks that Daniel H. Pink has the power because he makes many people thinks that what he wrote about the future in his book is truth. Being able to communicate is a huge factor in both books. Daniel H. Pink, explains us how it is less important “how the products are made” and “more important how they are sold”, right brainers can give meaning to products through designs, empathy, and storytelling. In the textbooks, they discuss that effective communication is vital to all organizations, so much that no company could exist without it. A company couldn’t have success without communication, being productive and creative is an awesome but you got to be able to sell it to the customers. With technology we have more option to communicate with people at work, but people prefer face-to-face contact rather than by phone, or e-mail, so we got to be able being comfortable communication. Another aspect that both books are touching a point on is having a belief. The book “A Whole New Mind” make us believe that our left brain (logic and analysis and helps us get high SAT scores) is less important than our right brain (design and emotion and helps us get art). The textbook is talking about developing a
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