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Students with Smartphone: Smarter or Duller By Ika Herdina K. (13211144019) The world has changed rapidly after the new technology has been invented in life which is popularly known as Smartphones. The advent of Smartphones has transformed the lifestyle, the culture, and the way people communicate and interact with one another creating new aspects in the modern society. They have succeeded to grab people’s attention as Smartphones have capabilities to capture a moment with the front or back camera, play videos, navigate, play games, chat via social media, surf the web, make a phone call, send text messages, play audios, record something, send or receive e-mail, and stay connected to the Internet. Primarily Smartphones were invented for the…show more content…
Often there is a student with his friend found, sitting together in silence while waiting for their food to come. Both of them are busy to operate their own Smartphones instead of talking each other to break the silence. This phenomenon becomes a new culture in this modern society, and it reveals the fact that Smartphones have discouraged students to interact with others. Although Smartphones have provided several applications to enable students stay in touch with others, it does not require students to spend their energy to encounter awkward situations occur in the conversation. Therefore, students choose to send a text or chat via social media to avoid awkward silences or emotionally difficult situations. As a result, they do not experience and know how to overcome the silences which might occur in the real conversation. The lessen students talk, the more possibility students have to create distance in their relationship. Communication helps students to get closer with others. If they avoid interacting with others, they indicate that they create a distance in their relationship, and further their relationship comes to an end. Since Smartphones have reduced students’ ability to engage with others, they will have difficulties when they make a conversation with their families and friends. Consequently, their relationship might be in dangers due to lack of
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