The Globalization Development Strategy

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Measures and Suggestions 1) From the macro strategy should be to foster enterprise core competitive power as the center, establish the internationalization development strategy The core of the international strategy is to improve the international competitiveness of enterprises through innovation. Will enhance the enterprise the competitive ability, is not only the demands of the development of enterprise itself is also the need of improving national competitiveness under the economic globalization, its core is to train others don ' t have or they are capable of but what force is less than, is the enterprise' s core competitiveness. with the scope of current international competition of multinational corporations are around the core competitiveness.…show more content…
These four strategies shows the vertical growth trajectory, international business and cannot completely replace each other but four relations, but both are relatively independent and interdependent relationship. Products exported strategy Product export strategy not only for test widely used by small and mediumsized enterprises with the international market, for large enterprises, the strategy as well as the most important part of international business. It’s most important significance is that it is the starting point of globalization strategy, for a deeper sense of the international cooperation laid a solid foundation. For most international companies through export directly involved in global economic competition is still an important strategy. Maintain domestic production base, however, the essential characteristics of pushing exports has changed. Such as from local export less and less, and exported from factory built in other countries are on the rise. This demonstrates that the market in the global economy in the increasing complexity of export strategy and the strategy of…show more content…
In China, the stateowned and state holding enterprises only 5% of the total on the total number of enterprises, but stateowned enterprises gross industrial output value in the gross national product (GNP) is still as high as about 50% of the total (2012).In general, stateowned enterprises are more capable of related aspects of international direct investment, capital operation and international engineering contracting business. In the new energy field, Chinese stateowned enterprises overseas mergers and acquisitions become a new bright spot. The world still rely on traditional energy sources such as oil, however in the 21st century new energy may lead the fourth industrial revolution. China does not want to miss this opportunity in the international competition. For example, is given priority to with water and electricity business of stateowned enterprises in the three gorges group strategic 6/15/2015 132/153 positioning is very clear, decided in 2020 to become the international firstclass largescale clean energy

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