The Importance Of Social Progress

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Report on Despite massive technical progress, social progress is unable to keep up Submitted to Mr. S. Gill School of Mathematics and Computer Sciences Name : Akshay Dipakkumar Bhadra ID : H00172257 Course Information : B.Sc. Computer Systems Module Information : Praxis (F27PX) 2013-2014 Lecturer’s Name : Mr. S.Gill Date : 2nd August 2014, Saturday The following report examines the cause for lack of acceptability for varying views in society despite the growth in means of spreading information to the masses through technical means. It may seem to many that technology and the mindset of people go hand in hand as they advance into the future. But recent and past events prove to the contrary. We are entering an age of technology…show more content…
A Facebook user on an average has 300 friends over the major social networking platform [4]. This clearly signifies that today’s teenagers are highly active to expand their social circle online, but neglect the importance of having real life friends whom you can actually meet and greet in the real world. The dependency of modern youth on technology and social media is very high, but that doesn’t stop a freak weather incident or a sudden attack on its foundation from happening and disrupting the way we our lives in. This helps me make my next point, which is, what happens when all of us, and the tech-dependent kids, who grew up reliant to it, are suddenly forced to disconnect with what has figuratively been keeping them up and…show more content…
There have been many cases of cyber bullying where the victim either gets mentally or physically harassed. There have been severe cases and mild cases for the same. In the severe cases, the victim usually ends up taking a very serious step to end the trouble. Hurting themselves and those around them in the process. This proves too that social media technology has evolved, but our social and moral responsibilities haven’t. 5. Cyber Bullying Cyber bullying is harassing people in a deliberate, repeated and hostile manner via the use of information technology [8]. If the person harassing is known by the target or even knows as an online stranger, that person is called a ‘cyberbully’. A cyberbully may be anonymous and may solicit involvement of other people online who do not even know the target. This is known as a 'digital pile-on

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