Alice Heart Short Story

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In Paris, France resided a youthful being with the name of Alice Heart. For her pulchritude she was known, but mainly known for being the daughter of Cupid, who is well known as the Greek god of love. Although her mother was a mere mortal, with phenomenal powers, but kept concealed Alice was born . In Mount Olympus she was born, but raised in Paris, France solely by her father due to her mother dying briefly after Alice’s birth. Maintaining to keep her powers concealed from others, moreover Cupid’s aspire for his only child, Alice to flourish into a lovely, mature woman, who consequently finds a respectable companion, in the city of love, he created. Even as infant, Alice was compassionate towards everyone she met and would assist people when they were in need, in addition no one suspected the idea she had powers. Subsequently, a numerous, abundance of people fell in love with her when she turned the age twenty-two. ‘Fore she did not feel the same towards anyone in return, but still showed generosity towards every single one of them. Henceforth as she was on her routine walk to her cherished coffee shop named,”Amour et…show more content…
“Where have you been?” he said, standing up in concern. She replied,”None of your concern father.” “Have you been out with the boy again?” he asked looking her in the eye. “No, I have not,” she lied. To Alice and waved his hand over her expressionless he came closer, “I know you are lying, I have warned you once and now you will learn your lesson, I will send him away to a place where no one will find him ” he said, walking away. Alice cried,” Please don’t do this I will give up my powers.” As he snapped his fingers, he said,”I'm only doing this to protect you, so that you find someone worthy.” With no luck, she desperately ran outside on a search for him until the next morning. She cried in her room for days and nights, which caused continued raining
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