Advantages And Disadvantages Of Trademark

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The Benefits of Trademark. While deciding to own something exclusively, obtaining the patent, obtaining copy writer or obtaining trademarks may sound like terms and you chose to opt either of them. There might crop a lot of confusions amongst these three legal terms. These all are three distinct terms which cannot be used interchangeably. Where Patents may be defined as limited duration right pertaining to invention, issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office distributes these rights and exchanges offers for a public display of the invention. Whereas Copyrights are designed to provide protection to the works of authors or art that is amiably expressed. These are issued by Copyright Office. Trademarks as are defined under law, are distinctive…show more content…
It can be logo as Nike has, or McDonald’s I’M lovin’ it. They are basically the intellectual property which nobody can own. Now the question arises, why actually would the company wants to pay for as minimal thing as trademark? Why are they bought? Let us scroll you through with number of pros that trademarks have to offer:- You are the Legal Owner of the Mark. A federal trademark registration provide to its owner the unique right of owing the mark legally which includes various exclusive right such as using it nationwide and conveying to the masses that you own the trademark legally . Being the owner of the mark, you can exercise a good amount of control on the thing which is, by law, yours. It is the on the face of it evidence of registration You Can Sue Infringers. Being the owner and obtaining legality implies any competitor, who happens to use your trade mark can be sued. It serves as a bar for competitors. Now that you have brainstormed hard enough to produce your branding, no other company can make unauthorized use, and in any case the authorities find infringement, it is an invitation to legal hassle. Your Trademark Appears in…show more content…
Counterfeit Goods Act 1997 A registered trademark grants the authority and empowers the custom authorities to prevent import of any Counterfeit Goods. The counterfeit Goods c Act 1997 affords the proprietor of an intellectual property, such a trademark with an interest in goods bearing such rights to take criminal action against the company involved in Counterfeiting. Thus trademarks bears several benefits along with them, they should not be taken as wastage of time, money, or efforts. They are an investment to the firm that are sure to reap fruits in the latter years. Summary: The article shows the value and importance of the trademarks that are crucial to display and protect the intellectual property of the art, product or services. It is an important countermeasure for securing the intellectual property safety from getting stolen or copied. Trademarks are important for the display of the product or services based on the secured intellectual proprietorship. The concerned owners of intellectual proprietorship get their inventions and art copyrighted and obtain the trademark for the same to make sure no one else can plagiarise the

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