How Does Smartphones Affect Children Behavior

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1.0 Introduction 1.1 Background Study Technology is a word to describe the innovation that has been made by human in action that involves the generation of knowledge and processes to develop systems that solve problems and extend human capabilities (Noel Cox, 2006). As we can see, nowadays the advancement of the technology has big demands from the society as it keeps developing day by day. We perceive the technology as tools that help to ease the daily life routine which the society seems to relying on it now. It does give big impact to the development of the medicine and health care, agriculture, communication and education as well which results to the changes of the society’s lifestyle. Technology has brought us to so many interventions of…show more content…
1.3 Research Objective General Objective The general research objective is to discover the reasons and the factors of the reliance on the smartphones among parents and the outcomes of the smartphones towards the children behavior. The outcomes of relying on the smartphones will affect the behavior of the children in their growing process. The specific objectives are as follows: Specific Objective The functions and the attraction of the smartphones will be the reason and factors that make parents relying on it to help them in taking care the child. All the points will be taken out as it will give outcomes to the behavior of the children. RO1: To investigate how the attitude among children that exposed with smartphone usage RO2: To explore the factors that influences the parents to relying on the smartphones towards parenting RO3: To explore the smartphones functions towards children behavior 2.0 Literature Review 2.1 Conceptual Definitions This section of this research will elaborate on the important definition or the concept that are commonly use throughout this study. By providing the definition of these concepts, it can give a clear view of this…show more content…
The questions on the in-depth interview will be on the factors of the parents relying on smartphone and how the smartphone helps in taking care their children. The questions prepared will be answered by the working parents and the question will consist of five sections that will answer the objectives of the research. 3.4 Method of Data Analysis – Thematic Analysis Thematic analysis will be applied for this research. According to Bryam and Feng (2006), thematic analysis is a process or method that focusing to identify the pattern meaning across a dataset. There will be six-phase process when conducting this research; get familiar with the data, coding, searching for the themes, reviewing the themes, defining and naming the themes, and last is writing up the themes. All this six-phase process will be conducted after the interview session with the respondents. 4.0 Scope and Rationale of the

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