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AFFIDAVIT I, Armen S. Flores, of legal age, citizen of the Philippines, currently residing at 331 S. Lincoln Ave., 772135 – Iron Horse Inn #119, Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80477, after having been duly sworn do hereby depose and state that: RECRUITMENT AND TRAVEL 1. I used to work in Saudi Arabia for six years, but when my wife acquired a serious disease of a brain tumor, I came back in the Philippines to be able to care of her. Thereafter, I found a job as Central Supply Officer at Ospital ng Maynila, a government-owned hospital in the Philippines. But my salary from this job was far from enough for the medical treatment of my wife. Given the lack of a health care system for the poor sectors in the Philippines, I desperately needed to earn more. Also, I have…show more content…
Medical $30 – c/o Armen b. Offer Letter $ 500 c. US Visa Application $ 100 d. POEA $ 200 e. PES Fee $ 1420 f. US Insurance $ 200 TOTAL: $ 2,500 – P6,026 ( Air fare via a travelling Tours (referred by Asahi) $950 (one way) US bank - 5. However, my excitement was dampened when I learned of the big amount of placement fees required by Asahi to process my application. I told them right away that I have no means to produce the amount because I was just an ordinary employee, with no savings and with many financial liabilities resulting from the frequent medication of my sick wife. 6. In order to convince me to continue with my application, the interviewer told me that I am highly qualified for the position since I already have an experience working abroad; and that I should not let just pass the opportunity that only comes once in a lifetime. Further, I was told that there were only few slots available and that I should act fast in order to be accommodated. They even showed me pictures of the prospective hotel that I would be working for, and some photographs of previous applicants who according to them were successfully employed in the USA

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