How Does Globalization Affect Population Health

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As said before, globalization is a complex phenomenon that is resulting in many positive effects but also bringing risks. Huynen, Martens and Hilderink (2005) conducted a conceptual framework to explain how four different determinants of globalization influence the population health worldwide. These four are the institutional determinant, the economic determinant, the social-cultural determinant and the environmental determinant. The institutional determinant involves governance structure, the political environment and the system of law and regulation. This influences, among others, the health policies and health insurances in a country. The second determinant involves how the economy influences the population’s health, though it is difficult to argue whether global economic growth is beneficial for the population or not, as…show more content…
The World Bank, together with the International Monetary Funds influences the health and health-related policies worldwide. The World Trade Organization is increasingly getting more influence on population health since they regulate the world trade agreements (Huynen, Martens & Hilderink, 2005). The global market could on one hand facilitate an economic growth and stability, which would reduce poverty and would be beneficial for the population health, while on the other hand the less developed countries face the risk of being excluded from the global market, which would consequently be harmful for the health of the population. Research by Raymond, Leeder and Greenberg (2006) showed that the risk factors for obesity, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, which were formerly western diseases, are increasing in developing countries. The decreasing food prices, urbanization and globalization of economies are mentioned as the causes for these
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