Child Labour In South Africa Essay

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Definition of child labor Defining child labor is difficult, partly due to the fact that the usage of, and the connotations attached to the term, depend substantially on the socio-cultural contexts in which it is deployed. To begin with, child labor and child trafficking are two separate but overlapping issues. Child trafficking occurs when a child is transferred from his or her home to another location for purposes of exploitation, whether or not it is against the child’s will. Child labor on the other hand has its own complicated and nuanced definition covering a broader range of activities. The International Labor Organization’s (ILO) describes child labour as work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential and their dignity.…show more content…
Studies additionally show that the government's child support grant and the old age pension may help decrease child labor .On the other hand, children in South Africa keep on engaging in child labor in agricultural as well as domestic service. In addition to that, Government social projects to address child labor do not coordinate the extent of these issue. Some families are obliged to pay local school fees, and all families must pay for books, uniforms as well as other school-related costs, which may also affect children access to education .Also, the entrance to education Government does not distribute extensive results of child labor enforcements efforts…show more content…
When treatment happens to be available for free, people have problems simply accessing it. Local hospitals are usually a long distance away from rural areas, so that over 70% of the poor are put off by the extra transportation cost. Not to mention that those who are employed often cannot afford to miss a single day’s work (and pay). Overall the system is still undermined by insufficient infrastructure and a heavy

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