Gulf Region Globalization

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How does modernization affects the women in gulf region Authors note: this report answers some of the most basic questions about the effects of modernization on the women in gulf: How do the forces of globalization play differently for different groups of women in the Gulf region? To what extent do women organizations utilize global networks? Table of Contents Women and Modernisation in Gulf region 3 Introduction 3 Geographic and cultural overview: 3 HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF THE CONDITION OF WOMEN IN GULF 4 The Political and legal status: Practices and Frameword 6 The Politico-Economic Participatin of Women In Gulf Region 7 Political Participation: 8 ECONOMIC PARTICIPATION: 8 Modernisation And Literacy 9 recent developements…show more content…
A complex set of geopolitical and historical configurations underlie this sentiment. It is important to consider here that negative notions towards the West might intersect with women’s issues as perceived at the local and regional level. The injustice experienced by individuals and organisations engaged with women’s issues in the Gulf States is, for example, revealed by the harmful effects of western culture on women and their reproductively. In the other Gulf States local actors voice concerns about a paternalistic approach associated with Westernisationand on the issues related to women. Most of the time, women’s rights are presented as Western values imposed on non-Western cultures . Socially and culturally, the Gulf region is changing rapidly. The paradox of Gulf States is that, even after being situated in a very specific geographical and political context in the Middle Eastern region, they comprise a highly globalised part of the world because of their internationally oriented economies. Most of these States acquired wealth during the late 20th century due to rising oil revenues, which enabled the states to establish free education, health and social services. But differing gender gaps in economic and political participation illustrate the different stages in transition within the region. The gradual emancipation of women and their position is the ‘product’ of social and economic change and a factor that enforces the need for continuation of social development that pays dedicated attention to the position of women . The social change in the Gulf is simultaneously accompanied by reinventions of traditional culture to address these issues. State policies are implemented to preserve culture through media resources, and thus creating an extension of public space. Although such articulations of sovereignty, traditionalism and

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