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Backward Classes Commission Reports in Karnataka: A Critical Review of Criteria, Recommendations and Judgements Sharada S. Avantika Gode Abstract: This paper maps the trajectory of recommendations made by commissions set up for the improvement of the status of the Backward Classes in Karnataka. Starting with the Leslie Miller Committee Report in 1919, the paper analyses the criteria considered to determine backwardness, and critically juxtaposes the recommendations in the socio-cultural context of the time. Further, there is an elucidation of the key legal judgements that provide insights in this regard. Introduction The princely state of Mysore was amongst the first to have progressive reservation policies for non-Brahmins. As early…show more content…
It is called the L G Havanur Commission. L G Havanur Commission (1975) This commission was constituted in 1972 by chief minister D Devaraj Urs with L G Havanur as chairman and comprised seven members in total. The L G Havanur Commission used sample survey data in order to identify backward classes. It applied multiple tests that were economic, residential, occupational and denominational in nature. The Havanur commission used exhaustive criteria in order to determine backwardness. These were as follows: a. The place of habitation (barrenness) b. Financial inability to acquire land or property c. Profession, trade or occupation with disproportionate return for the labour expended d. Difficulty in establishing favourable relations with other communities due to social prejudices e. Difficulty in access to places of cultural, religious or artistic significance f. Inaccessibility to certain amenities by virtue of tradition and custom g. Inability to pick up training for business, industries or public…show more content…
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