Self-Regulation Questionnaire

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The second type of self-report instrument used for data collection in this research was a self-regulation questionnaire. The format of this questionnaire follows the design of Metacognitive Awareness Inventory (MAI) by Schraw and Dennison (1994) which uses the checklist format. Initially, the inventory contains a list of statements and True or False alternative to let students reflect on their awareness of their metacognitive knowledge and self-regulation in learning. However, for the purpose of data collection in this research, the adaptation process was carried out on the initial questionnaire by modifying its items and format just so the questionnaire would help students immediately report what self-regulation skills they performed during the process of completing a writing task. Regarding the adaptation process of self-regulation questionnaire items (see Appendix 2), 21 out of 52 items in the model questionnaire which were used to address the information about self-regulation skills were selected based on the components of…show more content…
This task requires the students to write a report text containing no more than 200 words, under the topic of biological objects within 30 minutes, with the appropriate genre-related characteristics. Right after the task was completed, students reported the way they made use of their metacognitive knowledge when they were performing self-regulation skills during the actual writing task, by completing the self-regulation questionnaire. The aforementioned procedure of administering the questionnaire after completing a writing task has also been applied in two related studies on metacognitive awareness in EFL writing conducted by Maftoon (2014) and the use of metacognitive knowledge in essay writing by Surat

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