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How to wear ankle boots to work Ankle boots are the most preferred choice of footwear for the fall season. Nowadays, ankle boots have been making a big comeback since they are getting very much popular among women of all ages, especially among the working age group. The comfort of wearing such boots makes it s go to style for many. Consequentially, there might be a dilemma on how to wear such boots to work and how to stylise them with the formal attire to make us look more sharp and professional. If you are the type of person who longs to wear such boots to work, but don’t know how to, then here are a few tips and tricks to get you started. Ankle boots can successfully give off a causal and a professional look at the same time. They are considered as one of the most functional type of boots for women.…show more content…
Also, make sure that the ankle boots should be smooth and well polished and should also be in dark colours such as in shades of black or brown. Do not use distressed ankle boots. These might give you a casual look and would ruin the professional aura of your attire. There are various types of ankle boots that you can choose from which meets your needs and requirements. These include: 1. Dressier ankle boots • These types of ankle boots add a level of chic to your professional wardrobe. • They are usually used for formal events and goes well with suits, jumpsuits and skinny jeans. While choosing dressier booties, try to use neutral coloured shoes such as black or brown, so that they go well with any style of clothing. • This means that you can spend less time matching your shoes with your office clothing. • Another factor that you should keep in mind while selecting the right ankle shoes is to check the heel length. Try to find an ideal ankle shoe that has the correct and appropriate heel size that allows you to stand and work for a long amount of

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