External Environment Analysis: Arthur Andersen & Co.: Administrative Accounting

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Executive summary In this report I seek to perform multiple analyses on Accenture as a business entity that uses its unique set of resources, activities and capabilities that forms the basis of firm’s strategy. For this I have done the External environment analysis, internal environment analysis, SWOT analysis, competitor analysis. Also how it has tackled the dynamic external/internal environmental conditions effectively and its response to it and how Accenture has been able to decide on its strategies. I also captured the history, background, profile, financials and other important facts and figures of Accenture from different sources. In the end, I also suggested few recommendations based on these analyses. History In 1913, at the age of 28, Northwestern University economics Professor Arthur Andersen started the accounting firm Arthur Andersen & Co. Arthur Andersen as an accounting firm to offer certification for corporate balance sheets 1. Arthur Andersen & Co. created an initial setup of the consulting unit when it formed the Administrative Accounting group in 1942. The Administrative Accounting main tasks were developing systems related to accounting , and different methods and procedures for Arthur Andersen clients. In the 1950s, Arthur Andersen starts giving consulting services to companies and started implementing information systems, and…show more content…
It caters 19 industry bunches 15, under its five working gatherings: items, money related administrations, correspondences, media and innovation, assets, and wellbeing and open administration. The organization likewise offers a scope of management consulting. The organization offers customers over all commercial enterprises a mixed bag of BPO administrations for particular business capacities and/or forms, counting back and bookkeeping, HR, learning and acquisition, among

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