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Annotative bibliography How can students benefit from alternative discipline in the classroom? Mergler, Mary Schmid; Vargas, Karla M.; Caldwell, Caroline. Phi Delta Kappan. (2014), Vol. 96 Issue 2, preceding p25-30. 7p. 2 Color Photographs. DOI: 10.1177/0031721714553406. Removing children from a classroom as a form of discipline can have negative effects on them for years to come. This can lead to many drop, there are three alternative discipline models these are restorative justice, Positive Behavioral intervention and Supports (PBIS), and social and emotional learning. These discipline allow students to manage conflict, Bulling is major problem within school. Restorative justice helps to builds a relationship between administration and…show more content…
G., Richmond, V. P., & Mccroskey, J. C. (1984). Power in the classroom IV: Alternatives to discipline. Annals of the International Communication Association, 8(1), 724-746. Discipline alone may work against students learning. Teachers who intervene find their classes even more disruptive. Increase punishment leads to student’s rebellion in the classroom. Alternative communication techniques can help teacher better control student’s behavior. Power strategies are an alternative that helps control behavior through communication. Teacher control strategies help control students behavior unlike discipline that causes disruption in the classroom. Alternative discipline helps to shape the learning environment which encourages learning. Communication is key to understanding, in order to develop a good working environment in the classroom teachers need to effectively communicate with students and state their expectation. Also information communicated to students must be clear. Examples of communication would be instructions for classroom work, doing duties and the type of behavior that is acceptable in the classroom. If students understand what is required of them there will lead trouble. Whole-School Positive Behavior Support: Effects on student discipline problems and academic…show more content…
School discipline is the number one problem facing American school. Individual students respond differently to discipline. Teachers need to thinks quick in order to maintain order in the classroom. Effective instruction helps to better student’s behavior. Not addressing disciplinary problems only makes it worst. Classroom management techniques help students to understand what is required of them, and example of this would be meeting with parents and students. Before a student is suspended alternative can be used. Isolating them and giving individual attention. This prevents others from taking part in the same

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