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Lexia Reading Core5. [Computer software]. Concord, MA: Lexia Learning Systems. Summary: The developers of Lexia Reading Core5 present the program as a tool to help students of all abilities build their foundational reading skills with technology and direct instruction. Furthermore, the program was created to assist students in becoming successful readers, and to prepare them for college, a career, and the common core standards. Lexia Reading Core5 provides a personalized, differentiated approach through a system of student-driven learning online and targeted instruction by a teacher or paraprofessional. According to the developers, this process begins with students working independently in the program online to develop their reading skills.…show more content…
The Lexia Reading Core5 program automatically places students at the proper level and provides them with explicit, systematic, adaptive learning on foundational reading skills. Students work at their own pace, including at home via the school-to-home access, and teachers get notified of their progress (web reports and via email). If a student struggles with a particular area or activity, the program provides a level of scaffolding, and the student can try the activity again. If the student still cannot complete the activity, the program provides explicit instruction on the concepts and rules of the…show more content…
The results of the analysis indicated that there was a significant difference (p = .001) in mean scores in overall reading between pre- and posttests. The mean posttest score (M = 450.33) was significantly higher than the mean pretest score (M = 308.63). Therefore, the null hypothesis was rejected, and the results suggest that the Lexia Reading Core5 intervention program contributed to improvement in overall reading achievement of third-grade students. The author also found no significant difference in reading fluency (p=.556) in mean fluency scores between pre and posttests. There was a significant difference in mean comprehension (fiction) (p=.001), with the results suggesting that the program contributed to improvement in reading comprehension (fiction). Finally, there was a significant difference in reading comprehension (nonfiction) of third grade students

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