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At nineteen years old, my mother gave birth to me. For fifteen years I was raised by a single mother who waited tables and went to our local technical college to make sure I was provided for. Almost four years ago my mother met my stepdad, Nathan. He immediately stepped up as my father figure and helps my mother provide for me. For my entire high school career, I have been backed and supported by two loving parents. My parents have pushed me to do my best so that I will be successful. As my senior year draws to a close, I have many academic and community oriented achievements that have prompted my success after high school. Because if my achievements and success throughout high school, I was accepted into my dream school, Clemson University.…show more content…
I hold several leadership roles at my high school and church, I have various academic honors and awards, I am apart of many clubs and activities, and I am also very involved in community service. From ninth through twelfth grade I have been a youth leader at Sampit Pentecostal Holiness Church, eleventh through twelfth grade I have been a volunteer trick dog instructor at Saint Francis Animal Center, twelfth grade year I became the Historian of the National Honor Society and the Vice President of the Science National Honor Society. During my high school career, I have been a member of Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy, Interact Club, Mu Alpha Theta, the National Art Honor Society, the National Honor Society, the Science National Honor Society, Student Council, and the youth music and leadership and Sampit Pentecostal Holiness Church. I have also dedicated myself to many hours of community service to organizations such as, Special Olympics, Falcon Children’s Home, Tuberville Children’s Home, Saint Francis Animal Center, Prince George After School Program, the Hanser House Seafood Festival for Hospice, the Georgetown County anti-bullying parade, and the Georgetown High School Memorial Garden Committee. I have dedicated countless hours to my academic studies and extracurricular activities; in return, I have reaped various awards and

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