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The Planning Commission is an Institution in the Government of INDIA , which formulates the India's five years plan , among the other functions . The planning commission's functions as per the Government's 1950 resolution are 1. To take the assessment of the Material , Capital and the Human Resources of the country , which includes technical personnel and investigate the possibilities of augmenting those are related resources which are found to be deficient in relation to the nation;s requirement . 2 .To formulate a plan for the most effective and balanced utilization of country's resources . 3. To define the stages , on the basis of priority , in which the plan should be carried out and the purpose of allocation of resources for the due completion…show more content…
It was established under article 280 of the Indian Constitution by the president of India . It was formed to define the financial difference between the state and the center . The Finance Commission Act of 1951 states the terms of Qualification , appointment and disqualification , the term , eligibility and the power of the finance commission . As per the constitution , the commission is appointed every five years and consists of a chairman and four other members . Since the constitution of the first finance commission , stack changes have occurred in the Indian Economy causing chages in the macroeconomic scenario . The functions of the Finance Commission are as follows 1. Distribution of the net proceeds of taxes between center and States to be divided as per the respective contribution of the taxes . 2. To determine factors governing Grants in aid to the states . 3. To make recommendations to the President as to the measures needed to augment the consolidated fund of the state to supplement the resources of the panchayats and municipalities in the state on the basis of the recommendations made by the finance commission of the State…show more content…
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