The Importance Of Poetry In Literature

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The letter “p” is the letter of security. The letter’s shape gives someone a leg to stand on or a rope to hang on to, and the pear shape holds the burdens on its own back. I find solace in the words that start with the letter, especially when I became interested in writing. I found myself writing every hour of the day, for that was my only source of livelihood; this would explain why poetry became my emotional outlet, the philosophy that revealed the very nature of human beings and my questions of their existence. Reading and writing poetry instilled within me the ability to protect myself from others and to express my emotions through literature. Powerful, compelling voices penetrate the silent classroom three doors away from room 145 on the…show more content…
Just as a boxer pounds at a bag of Styrofoam beads in anger or for training purposes, a person needs something to distract them from the stress of the world; in other words, poetry therapy, which is the application of written and spoken word to growth and healing (Gorelick 117). In the 6th chapter of Expressive Therapies Gorelick goes into depth the origin of poetry, the way it affects culture, and the goals of poetry therapy. The understanding of poetry and literature permits self-expression and no censorship of ideas making this one of many formidable ways that poetry has assisted in stabling the mind and irate behavior. Basically, poetry is a bridge that helps link people to a solution to their problems and fears, especially now in the psychotherapeutic…show more content…
The first question is, “who are you?” (4). After reading the book I only began to realize how I’ve been questioning my existence, the importance of it, and other thought provoking questions that also came in my bouts of depression. This led to my pondering of religion and how it affects those around me, its laws, and the many contradictions taught by the Bible and my family’s fellow churchgoers. So like many, I asked people’s opinions pertaining mostly to those only in the poetry club, due to no persecutions on my ideas I had come to realize that everyone had their own answer. Philosophical ideologies on love, emotions, and issues of the civilized people could be passed around, learned, or modified a bit without the tiniest inkling of

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