Schools Should Pay Students For Their Grades Essay

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Schools are similar to jobs. The boss expects the employees to remain on task and finish their work sufficiently while students are expected to work hard and also complete their work with effort. If schools really want students to succeed, shouldn’t they be paid? Schools want the students to be diligent to learn the criteria. By paying students with money, schools can encourage good behavior. If schools want students to be motivated and learn the curriculum, then they should pay students for their grades. Schools should pay students for their grades because it will teach them about the real world, level out the playing field, and raise graduation rates. To begin, it is an excellent idea to pay students for their grades since it will teach them about the real world. Clare Levison, an accountant and member of the National CPA Financial Literacy Commission states, “I think it can be an incentive, as long as you’re using it as a teachable moment to tell them about budgeting and saving.” The quote signifies that paying students helps them learn how to…show more content…
When considering the choice of whether or not schools should pay students for their grades, the choice should definitely be that they should pay students since it prepares them for their future, and it helps the low-income students, plus there is an increase of students who graduate. Not paying students for grades results in an increase in dropout rates and a decrease in graduation rates. The increase and decrease results in fewer students who graduate high school and more students dropping out because of their lack of motivation. Around the world, studies have proven that schools that pay students help them and their scores, attendance, and learning. Paying students promotes them and their future. Don’t you want your child to be successful? Imagine what a good difference paying students could do for the
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