Standardized Testing Argumentative Essay

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Are Standardized Tests an Effective Way to Test Students “Educational assessment is the systematic collection, review, and use of information about programs to improve student learning and development” (Hadjicharalambous 43). In recent times there has been controversy on whether or not standardized tests are necessary for students. It has been a heated debate for some time. Certain people believe that the standardized tests are not necessary and that they do more harm than good. These people have their reasoning, however, standardized tests should be kept in place regardless of these people's claims because studies show that standardized tests have a positive effect on students and are useful, the tests effectively prepare students for the…show more content…
These assessments also help interpret what direction the students and teachers need to take to improve the students’ knowledge.“Assessment is a key process in education. It is only through assessment that we can find out whether instruction has had its intended effect, because even the best-designed instruction cannot be guaranteed to be effective”(William 107). Students do not all learn the same way. These tests help show if students are getting the kind of instruction they need. If they are not, the way of teaching can be changed, but without these tests we would not know that the student would need a change of instruction. It is better to know and change than to not know at all. Standardized tests are found by many people to be a useful way of tracking student progress. “The constant measurement of student achievement focuses everyone’s attention on student achievement. Superintendents, principals, and teachers now spend more time trying to link the structure and work of the organization to student learning”(McAdams 1). Without testing how would the teachers find out what level their students are on? Without testing teachers would not know what their students are struggling with or how to better the student’s education for the students benefit. How would the teachers help their students achieve? Students without testing would not know what they need to work on themselves. They would essentially be lost without feedback. Without the feedback the assessments give, students and teachers would not know the direction they would need to go in. McAdams stands up for standardized testing because he was a former member of a school board at an educationally successful school

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