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Sitting down, I remember the last days of my junior year in high school. Thinking that the next step was applying to college and that I needed to take standardized tests in order to get in. As someone who suffers from test anxiety, I found really helpful when my college counselor told me about schools that are test optional. While doing some research, I realized that SATs and ACTs don’t give students a fair chance of getting into college. Some college administrators are starting to agree with this. For example, William Hiss, Dean of Enrollment at Bates College, said, “Schools that use the SAT are throwing away a third of their talent (Admissions Quotes).” This shows that these tests aren’t the best way to measure how smart or capable a student…show more content…
Michael Murphy, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid at Antioch College, said, “We know far more about our students by their total application than we do from their tests. We prefer using the whole picture (Admissions Quotes).” College Administrators are starting to realize that by only looking at test scores, they can’t fully appreciate what a student has to offer. When students in high school go through the admissions process they should not be exposed to the stress that standardized testing causes. Students from a wealthy background are at an advantage compared to students from a below average income family since they are able to get tutors or prep books to improve their SAT or ACT scores. A NACAC study found that test-optional policies “help build broader access to higher education” and that “non-submitters are more likely to be first-generation-to-college-students, minorities, Pell Grant recipients, women and students with learning differences (Sportelli, Natalie).” Therefore, during the admissions process, colleges should make standardized testing

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