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Most of the people practicing a healthy lifestyle with doing sports activities and they prefer to use sports products while doing the activities. According to Hasniaty (2015), stated that service or ideas can be defined as sports products when service and ideas combined and relate to sports that can give satisfaction to a consumer. The good sports products give a good self-confidence to the wearer. In sports market either inside and abroad, many brands existing to competing for each other such as Nike, Adidas, Li Ning and other brands (Zamri & Idris, 2013). Sports products usually used by people that involved in physical activities, for example, recreations activities and sports activities (Susan, 2005). On the other hand, the sports products…show more content…
It shows the sports product will compete against each other, competition among local sports products with the international sports products. Local sports products can be defined as the product of national production itself without the intervention of foreign countries (Boros, Toth & Feher 2013). Malaysia market nowadays shows that local sports products manufacturer was producing many brands to market in Peninsular Malaysia include Sabah and Sarawak (Kiong, Gharleghi & Fah, 2013). The local sports products that already existing in Malaysia markets such as Figos, Power, Fleet, Kazza Network and other…show more content…
According to Pedersen (2004) in today worlds, branding can be called as a general idea in the world of sports it also includes a logo of the sports in product or service. In addition, sports branding also can be defined as a distinctive picture positioned in the consumer mind. The good marketing in sports branding can create a good imagination among consumers or customers. Moreover, the good imagination from others about the sports product can develop a good marketing in the

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