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The hallmark experiences forming an individual’s goals are often characterized by unexpected challenges full of opportunity. However, it frequently feels confounding to diagnose which experiences are seemingly meaningless and which are potentially full of significance in the moment. A hindsight perspective has shown me the importance of viewing every obstacle as a significant contributor towards serving medically. It is my consistent encounters with foreign challenges that have fostered a growth mindset. The eagerness to investigate how my interests may be furthered to serve medically has persistently reconfirmed my pursuit towards becoming a physician assistant. As a result, I would like to share a few of the hallmark experiences describing…show more content…
It was in this ambitious environment that I was allowed to experience the necessity of academic confidence and the independence of a primarily self-taught student. Approaching high school, it was clear my mother could no longer assist teaching the more rigorous subjects, such as calculus, physics, and chemistry. Of course, this obstacle initially felt immovable, but the sudden weight of responsibility gave me the prime opportunity to enhance the potential of teaching myself, forcing me to really begin learning how to learn. The words of Albert Einstein felt increasingly relevant upon surmounting this obstacle, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Individuals at large are connoisseurs at identifying difficulty; however, learning to diagnose opportunity has allowed me to see the growth potential within challenges. I would like to discuss another crucial time that served to further my trajectory towards the PA…show more content…
What were the specific purposes of these difficulties? Were my physical and personal hardships simple delays to foreseen success or perhaps necessary ingredients to achieve my goals? Approaching week two, it became obvious to me my medical scope of practice reached beyond simply rooming patients, drawing blood, and the various duties listed in the care technician job description. If only understood literally, these expected roles could lend a dry, formulaic style to approaching patients, as if these individuals were a kind of impersonal business product requiring continuous maintenance. However, observing these individuals through a relational lens allowed me to not only enhance the patient experience and care quality, but also integrate myself into the foreign culture I felt thrown

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