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Growing up in downtown Elizabeth, New Jersey, a young girl can learn a lot of things, these lessons are not enough. I have lived in Elizabeth my entire life and not once have I experienced the sense of adventure. Then I enrolled in college and learned about studying abroad. I never thought about it before, for me, it was always going to college, graduate, get a job, and eventually settle down. I realized that the spectrum of my life ended in New Jersey, although there were a few instances that spectrum would involve New York but nothing beyond that. Studying abroad was a chance for me to experience something new, something so foreign that it would shape the way I view things in life. As I look through the different study abroad programs in my school, I then realized it was difficult for me to choose one. I had originally thought about Spain but I didn't feel quite excited for that. I had then looked into Sogang University in South Korea. I never really looked into South Korea; living in a Hispanic household, it was always discussions on Central America, Asia was never really discussed. The program did have multiple courses taught in English which was a relief for me and I had thought about doing a…show more content…
One of the big factors was my parents. Surprisingly, my father was fine having his little girl go to a different country by herself. My mother, however, was not very keen on the idea. I have never been apart from my parents for a long time so for me to study abroad was definitely a big step. My mother had tried everything in her power to try to convince me not to go. I had retaliated back to convince her otherwise. Eventually, she gave in and let me apply. I also had my own worries such as the language barrier, but the students from Sogang University as well as the students who have studied abroad there, have reassured me that many people speak English and that I won't have a

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