Senior Project: Obstacles In My Life

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Throughout everyone’s life, there are obstacles that seem as if they are impassible. Obstacles that make us doubt ourselves, or obstacles that seem to challenge us. Some challenges are small and east to forget, like that of a math test, and some challenges are slightly more close to the heart, like a fatal illness. It is through these challenges that we have the ability to gain traits that can change us for the better or for the worse. One of the many challenges that have come to me in my life is senior project. Not only does senior project entail hours of paperwork, hours of shadowing strangers within the workplace, and hours of partaking in a physical project, it also means the end of high school. It means the end of seeing my friends day after day.…show more content…
The end of studying for a ten page test. After high school, students inter into the “real world”, acquiring jobs, professions, their own houses, cars, degrees. All of which happens so fast it can be overwhelming. One of the arguably most important obstacles every person must conquer is that of finding a career. Luckily, within senior project, students are able to explore into careers, and therefore reduce the chance of spending time striving towards a career you discover to dislike down the road. Aside from this, senior project also helps students learn traits (as in all obstacles as state above) that help each student grow. The most valuable trait I learned through senior project is responsibility. Another aspect of responsibility is that it eliminates procrastination. I learned to be punctual and efficient, and get things done beforehand. I learned these traits while completing paperwork for senior project, but also when it came to doing my job

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