The Importance Of Segregation In America

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As we all have been informed that segregation has torn our country into war with each other.By not having equal rights with the African Americans and the cascausions by some of the getting treated less then others.As segregation has defied our right as Americans by not giving all americans equal rights as it has been stated in our 14th amendment that all people born in america should be treated equally.Segregations is a violation and a wrong thing that is in our country and should not be in our country and every one should be equal. Segregation is not a thing that should be in our country.In the text it says Under the text of maintaining order in support of the segregations ,Arkansas Governor orval Faubus mobilized the Arkansas National Guard to prevent the Little Rock Nine from entering the school (Source…show more content…
This shows that people are not having the protection they need as a american citizen.This also shows that segregation making people break the rules as american citizen.As some people say they are it is not counted as segregation because they no longer slaves but the separation between the African Americans and the cuacuasions should not be thing but all be equal.This sums up that segregation has affected people's life in a negative way from not getting their education not getting the privileges as the other
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