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Loneliness is experienced at the face of a profound hopelessness The participants through their narratives showed that the recognition of their loneliness is associated with a sense of hopelessness. They described processes of coming to awareness that their efforts in repairing the broken bond were to no avail. Their narratives strongly suggested that they privilege having a close relationship. Their value of being in a relationship with whom they considered a close other, regardless of the other’s availability is apparent in their stories. The narratives describe their struggle with a feeling of disconnect, being misunderstood, and/or not being heard. Also, they narrated ways in which they made (often repeated) efforts to mend the rupture.…show more content…
The following statement shows that he noticed her disinterest in his response to her action. For him, she was indifferent to his feelings including a wish to be understood and connect. That's when I really started to notice [feeling alone]. You know. I mean, I always knew we weren't right for each other. But I – but that was where I said, wow, she, uh, like literally has some sort of lack of understanding and feeling about me. Yeah. Uhm, like an indifference. I mean, it, it was like she was indifferent. That, that she was going to do what she wanted to do. And, and the consequences to me and to us... was irrelevant. P4 discussed hopelessness to connect and to be understood in a way that she desired by her mother. She recognized her mother’s limitation. Due to her mother’s limitation, she came to the conclusion that they would not be able to…show more content…
P2 and P4 described how they realized that the other person in their relationship would not and could not understand them following a single incident. They showed that in their perspective, the other person was incapable of truly understanding them due to differences in background. At the same time, they noted that they felt severely misunderstood by the other. Furthermore, they commented that due to such misunderstanding, they felt that they could not be able to form a close relationship with the other person

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