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IGN:BallisticYoutube 2) Have you been on TeamSpeak.? Yes. 3) Have you ever cheated or antagonized other players in the community? No, and i would never want to do so, I might pvp but I wont. 4) Have you made noteworthy builds? Well 'Noteworthy' Is hard to describe but i am working/have worked on some preatty big builds, and hope to finish a few one by the end of this week. 5) Have you tried to be helpful to the staff team? Yes,i always recommend staff members, screenshot anything bad that's happening and report anything that could be of concern to staff if none are online. I am 16 years of age as of the first of june this year,which as we all know as already passed. 1) What is your in game username: BallisticYoutube 2) Which time-zone are you in: Eastern Time…show more content…
4) Do you feel you are mature enough for this position: Yes,i have been staff for many servers and can have that confirmed by a few of the OC community members including Dgoosy, Pirate75 and 89Monkey, along with a few others. 5) Do you speak fluent English: Yes, i am taking classes in two months. 6) Do you have any previous experience and if so, what: About three years as many staff ranks for Dgoosy, Owned a small server on my own for about 5-6 months, and co-owned a medium sized RP and prison servers for about a year on and off. 7) Do you know what a moderator's job is(give a brief explanation): Yes, *Hem Hem* A moderator's job is to keep the server clean of ignorant players, to make sure that everyone is obeying the rules, the server is running smoothly ( Arguments, problems between community members, general peace keeping), keep the server healthy of cursing, racist remarks or anything that damages the chat and community members reading it and most of all keeping everyone happy little

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