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I do not consider Spirituality to be purely about one's religion. I think of it as the caring and contemplative side of our nature that seeks to grasp the meaning of life and extends compassion to all of humanity. Of course, religion may be a component of that, but even a walk on the beach or a trip to an art gallery can put us in touch with the cosmic grandeur of all that is. We use the word “Love” to describe a feeling we have for another person or thing. Even though the word ‘Love’ remains the same, the sensation that is being experienced by everyone may vary greatly. But as imprecise as language may be to describe things we are unable to measure or explain intellectually, it is the only means we should reach shared meaning and mutual understanding. The Spirit falls in this same realm. Psychologist Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, in her book On Death and Dying, lists common events, universally shared events in our lives that can trigger intense…show more content…
Realizing we can choose, every day on a conscious level, how we will feel that day sets us free in the most profound sense. Say the following daily promise aloud every morning– (quietly of course because you are the only one who needs to hear this, and you do!): Today, just for today, I will have a GREAT day. This will be the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE... bar none, and for all time. Saying daily this promise to yourself becomes a pledge, a solemn oath. You may have days when you backslide, sure. But over time you will notice your days are filled with appreciation and exhilaration. This should be reduced to a moment-to-moment endeavor, as well. In other words, each of my days consists of a series of hours, minutes, and, of course, experiences. As each moment goes by, I am experiencing something. As each moment passes, I try to pay attention to the unfolding moment and look at the experience with a wondering set of

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