The Wind Done Gone: Cynara's Journey

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Adversity is an encumbrance that occurs during most people's lives. Usually, this misfortune plagues someone with the objective to restrain that person from success. In the novel "The Wind Done Gone," Alice Randall illustrates the life of the main character, Cynara, who is afflicted with adversity throughout her entire life. One area of my life which has become accustomed to adversity is my soccer career. Although Cynara and I have struggled with similar adversity, the components of our respective strives and outcomes are divergent. The reasoning behind my will for improving my soccer skills is comparable to Cynara's reasoning behind her will of pursuing R. After participating in soccer for a decade once my freshman year of high school began, I was devastated when informed of my rejection from the varsity team. The culprit of my emotional turmoil, the head coach, became an enemy and the person I was determined to overcome. Throughout the novel, Cynara was obsessed with being the more prominent woman in R's life. The opponent was her own half-sister, Other. Since Other stole…show more content…
When freshman year concluded, I decided that transferring high schools would be favorable to the academic and athletic aspects of my life. Although I was hesitant to try out for the varsity team at my new high school, this only restrained me during sophomore year. While persistently strengthening my skills, with the assistance of the club soccer team I was involved with, courage augmented and I successfully tried out for the team at the beginning of junior year. While endeavoring to display my right to be considered a varsity athlete, I was fortunate to possess a strong support system, including my family, friends, and club teammates. Regrettably, Cynara was not blessed with the same assets provided to

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