Fun Experience In High School

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I didn’t have the most fun experience in high school, I was always too focused in school to even worry about building fun memories and my parents are way too strict to even let me go out to have some fun. The only thing I looked forward to throughout my high school years was prom but when it came around the corner I didn’t even feel like going anymore because everything about it was just too stressful. My family and friends kept begging me to go because they thought that one day I was going to regret not going but I was still convinced that prom was just too much, so I kept telling them that I didn’t want to go. I then started to see other people from other schools post pictures and videos of their prom and it looked like they had so much fun…show more content…
We found a few more friends on the dance floor but before I realized it was already a big crowd of friends all dancing together, which made those 4 hours fly by like nothing. I was sure that I was going to have fun at prom but I never thought it was going to be as fun as it was. Next thing I realize were on our way to the party, I was extra pumped because I was already all hyped up. I was so ready to keep having fun with my friends, I didn’t want the night to end but as soon as we showed up to the party the cops were there kicking everyone out so now our only option was to leave as well. There was nothing else to do so we had to go home and we were all upset because we were really looking forward to that party. The next day my friends called me to tell me that there was another party going on that night and if I wanted to go but I really didn’t want to because of the experience we had had the night before but they kept begging me to go until I told them that I did want to go. We all got ready at my friend's house and headed to the party, I think I was the only one who didn’t look very happy on our way over there but as soon as we arrived I felt good vibes so I started to feel much better. It was only a few hours into the party when I realized that I was having the time of my life, I was actually having much more fun than what I had at prom. I did the craziest things I never thought I was capable of doing and created a lot of new friendships. My prom weekend is one of the weekends I will never forget about. I was able to create many crazy memories with friends that I probably won’t be able to see for a couple of years but at least I will have more great memories to remember them and now I will also have a good memory from my high school years. I am so glad I decided to go to prom because what if I would’ve regretted not going like everyone told me I was going to regret
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