Globalization In Education Essay

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The effect of globalization in the education of UAE Globalization plays a considerable part in developing the countries and affects people in all over the world, as it turns the world into a small village that enables the countries to contact with each other and become integrated economically, socially, politically, and cultural due to the rapid spread of technology, communication and transportation. UAE is one of the best countries that benefited from the impact of globalization. The discovering of oil helped in improving the country and turns it from a poor and small cities with desert princedoms into a developed state, and it is oil wealth created the health needed to develop a modern system of education. Up to the middle of twentieth century and before the discovering of oil, the standard of living of this region was low, therefore access to essential education wasn’t easy as there…show more content…
They encourage their students to make researches and help the innovated students financially by sending them abroad to complete their master and doctorate in order to rise their knowledge, become multicultural and put their country in the top of the universal countries in the modern educational system. In conclusion, UAE is still trying to provide the best for it’s citizen and it’s progress is remarked by the years, thanks to the globalization which helped positively on developing the society of the country since the oil runs out. As it is noticed, both globalization and oil played a significant role in increasing the standard of living of the people which affected each part of our life. Moreover education which is considered as the real wealth of the nation and the principal for any progress we achieve has also improved

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