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Today globalisation is a word used and known by nearly everybody. It is literally in everybody’s lips, as Bauman, Z. states in his book “Globalization: The Human Consequences” (1988). There are thousands of debates going on about a globalized world. But the question remains: What is meant by the expression “Globalisation”? Do we live in a globalized world? And can there actually be enough of globalization? How does globalization effect our live and what are the advantages and disadvantages of globalization? This essay is going to uncover the myth of globalization by having a look at different interpretations of the expression and its existence in the past. This will help to evaluate an own understanding of globalization. After a general…show more content…
This period also brought back integration among developed countries. (See and bring in GATT, NAFTA, …). The last period of globalization started after 1980, which Kunnanatt describes as the time of “mega-globalization”. This period shows significant change in communication technology and an ongoing process of “large developing countries opening up their economy to international trade”. Drivers of globalization John Wild identified two main drivers of the globalization process in his book “International Business”, “falling barriers to trade and investment” and “technological investment”.. The first driver can be supported by the creation of several institutions helping to reduce trade barriers. One of the institutions being a milestone for the rapidly growing global trade was surely the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. (See p. 37 from Wild,J./Wild, K./Han, J. (2010), International Business – The challenges of globalization, 5th Edition, New Jersey) • Find book about GATT to give an overview!!!!! If meaning of globalization is international trade (see one of the books at home) than I could use history from Hirst/Thomson (Globalization in question 1999, 2nd Edition,Cambridge, pp. 19 ff = Graph…show more content…
It becomes clear that globalitation had a strong impact on the increase of industrialization, which , due to lachs regulations , end up in polluted rivers/seas/lakes/even the ozone hole. Even forests are felled to build production sides. The on-going process of globalitation also puts a lot of pressure on individuals as they have to perform in the way the globalized world expects it (e. g. i terms of education). The past also showed that the process of globalization widens the gap between rich and poor. According to Lysandrou this due to an “uneaven distribution across different groups of people because of slow growth in real wages relative to growth of

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