The Speed Of Loss In Mrs. Smith: The Death Of The Good Life

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What is loss? Loss is a feeling that something or someone is missing from your life, whether by a death, a change in employment, or a financial shift. These are just a few of the triggers that could cause someone to breakdown. According to Mrs. Smith, she tries to cope with the death of her father through the emotions she expresses. After reading “The speed of belief” I sense this poetry is directed towards her dad’s death. The poem is a world wind of thoughts, mixing images of death with different things life can bring. Somehow thinking she can reunite with the dead she states “What happens when the body goes slack? When what anchors us just drift off toward… What that is ours will remain intact.” Mrs. Smith continues to be creative with…show more content…
Smith knew the important of striving for excellence and acceptance, not being complacent with the poor or unfortunate quality of life. Smith’s self-determination and her drive for success to maximize her potential of “the good life.” Smith strived to maintain a good life regardless of adversity. As we go through life struggles, we should have the desire to make the choice to live the "good life." We as society need to learn the different ways to attain the "good life" and what it takes to achieve and keep it. Many of us try daily to accomplish or live a “good life” despite the obstacles that may occur. Doing regular day-to-day routines may seem a little dull, but to someone else it may be a vision to someone who is less likely to succeed. Taken from an online essay, “The Good Life" is simply success though stability, accomplished goals and dreams, and a balanced lifestyle. Peace comes with contentment. Harmony is achieved through balance. Stability revolves around rationalization. The "good life" without either element; contentment, balanced rationalization cannot be achieved in its true

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