Mcdonald's Criminal Justice System

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In the world today, McDonalds has certainly done one thing right; it has established a system that works smoothly and effectively. McDonalds has essentially set the basis of how an organization should function in order to be effective using very simple concepts. In fact these very concepts have spread to several other industries not just the fast food one due to globalization. The models that McDonalds established are efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control, all of which are the foundation that others use in order to reach similar success to that of McDonalds. In fact as a prime example of global success, George Ritzer named the idea of society adapting to the characteristics to fast food restaurants, McDonaldization. However…show more content…
The justice system has been optimized by relying on plea bargains to speed up the process. Where originally the process of was lengthy and slow, it has been sped up with plea bargains. In the article “"McJustice": On the McDonaldization of Criminal Justice” by Robert M. Bohm he states “Currently, about 95 percent of all convictions in felony cases are the result of guilty pleas… In short, plea bargaining allows cases to be disposed of quickly, predictably, and with little of the adversarial conflict associated with criminal trials.” In this aspect, McDonaldization has increased efficiency in how justice is delivered in the U.S. but to what extent? The problem comes from those who do not take plea bargains, which are usually innocent people afraid of being found guilty and those who are affected by habitual-offender statutes, the most usual defendants to receive plea bargains, and refuse to take an offer. For these individuals, taking a plea bargain and admitting guilt would remove any possible chance that police or prosecutorial errors before the trial would be detected. And for the victims of the crimes committed by people who accept plea bargains, it takes away their full sense of justice. Justice and it enforcement are not the only systems which have been McDonaldized; education is another organization where maximum efficiency has been sought

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