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Economic globalization is the increasing economic integration and interdependence of economies across the world through people, trade and capital flows. In the field of globalization studies, more attention is devoted the past few years to international migration or labour flows in academic, societal and political arenas at different levels. In large part, this is a reflection of many new fundamental questions and issues that are raised by three significant trends in globalization-related international labour flows. These three trends are the sizeable increase of the volume of international labour flows, the fundamental changes that have occurred as to their composition and the fundamental changes that have occurred in the direction of flows.…show more content…
In Freeman’s article, he argues that international migration is a positive phenomenon that is a promising way to attain global economic benefits and might be a solution for demographic problems as the shrinking working-age populations in developed countries. Designing policies that give a larger share of the benefits to receiving countries can be the key to open up the borders. While the brain drain is not avoidable when people move away from their home countries, brain gain will balance the drain. Furthermore, circular migration might be triple-win solution for international migration problems. This way, brain drain will not be happening as the migrants will return to the source countries. The research goal was to discuss the views offered by Freeman and to present own opinions on the subject. From my findings, I completely support the views offered by Freeman as to migration policy. Combining economic benefits for the recipient countries with circular migration will lead to less brain drain and more brain gain. This will, in my opinion, eventually lead to better and more flexible international migration policies that will be beneficial for

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