Reflective Communication Assignment

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• Serial information drastically diminishing parallel language processing; • Capacity limitations cause that information overload; • Fatigue counteracts vigilance; • Short attention spans; • Attention is selective—it misses more than it processes; • I focussed it internal when they should have it external; I utilise nonverbal communication which contains meaning than what is embedded in the words. I examine the fine details of a smile is which is universal, the meaning attached to other facial expressions is determined by culture. My through processes are that besides cultural differences, their are many different types of nonverbal communication. I use my observation skills with very human interaction. For example—artefacts, haptics, kinesics,…show more content…
Within the health care industry, I developed my listening relational skills by focusing on what speakers are saying rather than formulating my next response. I also make eye contact with speakers, nod to show comprehension and take notes if it seems appropriate. Taking notes is an excellent way to focus my listening, indicating interest in the speaker and ensuring that I will not forget the information. Patience I have found that the workplace can be a frustrating environment, which clashing personalities, deadline-related tension or financial pressures can create professional pressure cookers that leave employees and managers on edge. My from experience, I understand that patience is a key relational skill that helps avoid or diffuse interpersonal conflicts. For example, when I worked for ITL Health Care, I demonstrated patience by offering to listen when colleagues or staff members want to explain their viewpoints, and think twice before curtly reprimanding employees, as their resentment may have lasting effects. Another example, when I worked for Smiths Medical, I did not make rash personality assessments about other employees; instead, give colleagues or staff members the benefit of the doubt if they seem to be struggling with an
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