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In Finnish folklore, Sampo is a magical artefact that brought good fortune and great wealth to its holder. Sampo had an important part as a plot element in Finnish national epic, the Kalevala. In the Kalevala, Sampo is described as a mill that grinds an endless sustain of flour, salt and money. Sampo is eventually destroyed in a battle. This thesis aims to present a detailed case study of evolution, success and downfall of Finnish multinational ICT company Nokia. At the same time it attempts to identify and analyse factors that caused Nokia to lose its dominant position in the mobile phone manufacturing market during the smartphone revolution of the 21st century. As a result of the crisis, Nokia’s management was forced to make an emotionally…show more content…
The smartphone revolution introduced substitute technology that challenged the formerly established manufacturers and their technologies. Since the smartphone revolution, all of the former major mobile phone manufacturers including Nokia, Ericsson and Motorola have been effectively put out of the global competition because of the changes in customer demand by a new wave of mobile phone manufacturers. To give a better understanding of the case, this thesis also attempts to explain how Nokia affected the Finnish economy. In order to achieve this goal, the thesis is organized into three integrally connected…show more content…
The Nordic countries have for a long time been the winners of globalization and have enjoyed all the benefited from growth of productivity and living standards. As much as globalization is beneficial, it may undermine the financing of the welfare state as the emerging economies of Asia and Latin America are forcing the Nordic countries to restructure their economies and compensate relocation of production, job losses, high youth unemployment and loss of competitiveness. Elements of globalization such as movements of labor, capital, tax competition and possibility of social tourism have challenged the financial viability of the welfare state. At the same time factors such as ageing population are increasing the public spending as the baby boomers are

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