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Everybody in Sweden is solitary, it doesn’t means that people are antisocial, it’s totally the opposite. When you hear about Swedish people’s loneliness, it means that people enjoy spending time with their family, at home or somewhere. They don’t spend a long time with friends, for instance, in France, during several weekends people meet friends to have a barbecue or a marvelous meal, although in Sweden people stay with family the majority of their time. Moreover, Swedish are less stressed than French people, they work earlier during the day, so they finish earlier. Mostly, they finish working at 4pm for the “fika”, this break is important for Swedish people. At the opposite, in France it’s common to bump into people running, calling, shouting in the street, in Sweden you’ll never run into that. They are discreet; personally I have never observed an angry…show more content…
During the one of the morning people eat a real breakfast with fruits, dairy products, cereals and coffee, chocolate or tea, during the one of the afternoon people eat cakes with warm drinks. Actually, historically the coffee has been taxed in Sweden by the King Fredrick, next he forbad to drink coffee. During all this time no one has stopped drinking coffee, illegal coffee shops were created. Another King Gustav II wanted to demonstrate that coffee is a drug which could kill, so he took two people, one drinking tea, one drinking coffee and he hoped to show that the one drinking tea will die the last. On the other hand, what is funny in this story is that the king died before both of these people, and later the first guy dying is the one which drank tea. Consequently, coffee restrictions have been abandoned, “Fika” means “Kaffi” (coffee in Swedish), due to during this rebellion people use “Fika” to talk about coffee. That’s why Swedish people don’t expect to replace the word “Fika” by “coffee

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