My Clinical Experience Analysis

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I believe that not knowing before hand that the patient only would respond to one person was a problem because it put me in a uncomfortable position as well as my partner and the patient. One thing that led to that was not knowing the patients preferences. Something we could have done to avoid this was to maybe look over the patients file and also ask the patient their preferences. What went really well during the entire experience was when we actually took care of our first patient of the day my partner and I had good communication from the beginning. Without good communication we wouldn’t have been able to give quality care to our patients and the tasks would never get completed in a timely manner. When my partner and I did anything…show more content…
It made my day when the patients were happy to have us helping them. This is one thing that made me proud that I choose Nursing as a profession. I got to learn some things that I need to work on and also some things that I should practice to get better at. I learned that sometimes I scare myself more than I should and I just need to calm down and have faith in myself. I believe that my current knowledge still needs to grow and with more practice I will be able to accomplish this. This experience helped me to actually feel what its like to be in a hospital setting and gave me some motivation to work harder and learn…show more content…
Conclusion: The Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle did a amazing job in identifying my strengths and weaknesses. It helped me to pinpoint some areas that I really need to work on and also helped me really think about how my experience went. This model was quite easy to use and now I understand the value of reflective learning and also how to use a model such as the Gibbs model. References: The institutions policy states that, “It is the policy of NHCA that each resident has the right to be free from verbal, sexual, physical and mental abuse, corporal punishment, involuntary seclusion and misappropriation of funds. Further, each resident will be treated with respect and dignity at all times. It is the philosophy of all NHCA facilities to encourage an environment that recognizes the special qualities of our residents.” Because of the policy and guidelines everything we did was based off of the policy. Making sure we abided by all the rules and regulations sent by the institution and the state. Which ultimately helped result my experience with a positive

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