Reflection On The Marking Workshop

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Title: Reflect on what you have learnt during the marking workshop Introduction: This assignment is about reflecting on the marking workshop ,at the beginning I will describe defining of reflection, then show a diagram of Gibbs’which is one of the model of reflection, this model have six stages. I will use it to structure my reflection on what I have learnt from the marking workshop. At the end , I will summarize the conclusion and attach reference list in Harvard style. Reflection: “Reflection is about seeing things again ,and perhaps seeing them in a different way or from a different angle“.(Melanie J 2006,p.42)If we want to do better in the future, we need to reflect our experience, it is easy for us to learn anything at all.…show more content…
It can show our understanding and learning. Besides, in any situation , reflection is also an important part of learning , it requires us to open mind about our action and theories. During the marking workshop, we used an assignment sample with the level 6 marking criteria through the group discussion , we scored each section of the marking criteria grid , it can guild us step by step what we have learnt in this module and reflected any misunderstanding before. Gibbs’ model of reflection: In this module , it shows us a few of reflective cycles. In the following essay , I have chosen Gibbs’(1998)model of reflection . This model includes the following: description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, action plan and conclusion. Description: On day 3, lecturer gave us an assignment from a previous student. I go through the assignment first, then got into a group with 5 people, we need to discuss all parts of assignment, scored each section by the marking criteria grid and added up to get a total mark . After that , we did a feedback in class with lecturer , he showed us the actual mark and reasons for it…show more content…
But I felt one member of our group dominated the workshop and digressed from the topic who was absent in the class before. She led us in a wrong direction, wrong marking in referencing , we need to use Harvard style as requested .Misunderstand in plagiarism, we cannot confirm the assignment plagiarism or not . So I tried to voice out. I need to be careful about the points I discuss so that there is no logical inconsistency in my points.On the other hand, my analytical skills was improved . I through the group work to think in divergent directions to generate more points. Analysis: Writing assignment can show your understanding and learning , it was the most important parts of the assignment, so plagiarism not allowed. Plagiarism is using someone else’s work and passing it off as one’s own. Rosemarie,M and Lyn,P.(2009) In academic work, ideas and words are seen as private property belonging to the person who first thought of wrote them. Bailey ,S.(2015) Studying at degree level , we need to enhance our knowledge and skills .Stealing another person’s thoughts and ideas is deceptive behavior .It also makes us unintelligent and lazy , We need to read a range of different approaches , such as general textbooks , Journal, internet sites….., then paraphrase in our own words and summaries into our assignment .However , we used one source or quote directly from any particular source, referencing should be

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