Social Issues In Rohingya

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BACKGROUND Myanmar is one of the ASEAN’s members. They joined ASEAN in 23 July 1997, just two years after Vietnam decided to join ASEAN. As other countries in ASEAN, Myanmar also consist of many tribes and ethnic groups. At least, there are 35 tribes and ethnic groups in Myanmar and all of them have not undergone assimilation. Regarding to British colonial survey, there are at least 242 different languages in Myanmar. Myanmar, not like other countries in ASEAN which are quite stable in the statehood, Myanmar’s statehoods often flare up. Start from the military sector until the lattest issue which is about social and human rights sector, Rohingya people’s violation. This essay is going to explain briefly about the history of Myanmar until Rohingya’s…show more content…
The British annexed the region after an 1824-26 conflict and encouraged migration from India. Since independence in 1948, successive Burmese governments have considered these migration flows as illegal. Claiming that the Rohingya are in fact Bengalis, they have refused to recognize them as citizens. Shortly after General Ne Win and his Burma Socialist Programme Party (BSPP) seized power in 1962, the military government began to dissolve Rohingya social and political organizations. The 1974 Emergency Immigration Act stripped Burmese nationality from the Rohingya. In 1977, Operation Nagamin (Dragon King) constituted a national effort to register citizens and screen out foreigners prior to a national census.…show more content…
The UN and ASEAN do not give much effort to help them, especially UN as the shelter of every countries in this world. ASEAN has an agreement regarding outonomy of every state and that ASEAN cannot intervere the problem inside the country.Now, numbers of Rohingya peoples try to save their life by sailing across the sea to the others countries who willing to accept them and take care of them. They become the “human boat”. The lucky one can reach their country destination the unlucky one have to back to Myanmar because their destination country reject them, or they died in the middle of the sea because of lacking of

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