Gender Inequality Essay

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Anger and concern about gender inequality has been building up all over the world, causing a debate over the presence of gender inequality at present time. The research conducted on gender inequality will be structured in this essay, by first analyzing the situation of gender inequality all over the world at present time. In addition, the narrative will explore the debate over gender inequality, underlying various arguments in favor and against inequality. Lastly, the research will be concluded by suggesting ways of overcoming gender inequalities. A situation of gender inequality can be quite complex that’s why in order to be able to discuss a firm position on the topic, we shall first look at the current situation of gender inequality,…show more content…
In fact, “The unisex model of human nature still privileged masculinity” states Veena Poonacha, when she argues about how women of color or from developing countries refer to the ways in which race, class and gender intersected in complex ways to modify their lives. (Poonacha, 2004: 392) This argument will be further explained using the concepts of intersectionality and positionality. The intersectionality quality of discrimination against women causes a problematic issue where people privileged sexual differences over other aspects of difference such as race, class, ethnicity, sexual and social orientation. (Beneria and Permanyer, 2010) Positionality covers the idea of self-evaluation, people think about their own position and background and where they stand in society in relation to others. Both concepts highlight the idea of being aware of our own position and identity and be respectful of other peoples’ positions and identities. The main point of this argument is that in many developing countries, gender is still a big issue, in terms of equal rights for both genders. As a result, without an equal balance of rights, male domination tends to affect the lives of many women, causing gender inequalities of any
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