Essay On Gender Inequality In China

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Written Task: No. 9, Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China 24th June 1955 Dear Katherine, Hello, my name is Lee Yi Xiu, a thirty four years old woman who has suffered from gender inequality that was evident in the patriarchal and patrilineal society. It must be rather odd for me to write you this letter as we’ve never met each other, not to mention talk to each other. Despite that, you had inspired me to be who I want to be, not the society wants me to be. The main reason to write this letter to you is to share my experience to you and show my admiration of your persistence. Actually, gender inequality in the United States and China are both relatively severe and similar. Growing up in a family with two siblings, who are both male, I was deprived of the love that parents were supposed to shower their children with. The love and attention was, on the other hand, one-sided, obviously towards my brothers as there was an obvious…show more content…
The gender stereotypes had suffocated me for years and words can’t express how sick I am of them. We were constantly taught the right way to cross our legs, the right way to hold the tea cups, the right thing to say at a dinner party, and also ways to be the perfect housewife. We were moulded into the expectations of the society, in which we have to act a certain way, conduct ourselves with poise and manners and not to question the roles society had given us, but in the inside, we’re just like a hollow tube without any content. We want to put out the best image. The best image gets the best label. You once said, “there are a lot of labels I’ve noticed; right family; right school; right art; right way of

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