Essay On Gender Inequality Issues

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People believe that Feminism is a thing of the past, that it is not needed anymore because the patriarchal system no longer subsisting. Women were now given the rights, opportunities, breaks, shots and chances but they still tussle many struggles. As it is maliciously misconstrued as a project to dominate men, it just shows how little people understand of the term. It is important to clarify that it is no synonym to female supremacy or domination, instead, it peacefully advocates for women’s rights. It is not merely a gender issue but it is a humankind issue. So as people think that women in countries have fully achieved all their goals, they are all considerately wrong. Some of the major gender inequality issues facing women of today are: First and foremost, the violence against women. According to the Philippine National Police, for instance, there were 7,409 reported rape incidents in 2013. That astoundingly means that in Philippines one female is raped every 72 minutes. By the same…show more content…
Data from the 2006 American National Election Studies Pilot Study confirmed that both male and female voters, regardless of their political persuasions, expected men to perform better as politicians than women. Despite making up half the global population, women hold only 15.6 percent of elected parliamentary seats in the world. They’re missing from all levels of government — local, regional and national. Right away, the inability to hold land is a factor in the next item on our list. In some countries, such as Chile and Lesotho, women lack the right to own land. Based on a 2008–09 study of land tenure in Uganda, analyzes how different definitions of land ownership – including household reports, existence of ownership documents, and rights over the land – provide very different indications of the gendered patterns of land ownership and

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